Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are text files referring to your use of the websites that your device stores for a certain period of time through your internet browser (browser). This allows the website to “remember” your actions and preferences. This information that is stored is generic (location of the device that accessed the website, time of access, etc.), being used only for statistical analysis and not for the profile of visitors.

Types of cookies used

• Essential Cookies: they are used to access specific areas of our website. These are necessary for the functioning of some of the areas of the website, but are not used in any way to personally identify you. Essential cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted once you leave the site.
• Functionality Cookies: allow you to remember the user’s preferences in order to improve the user’s experience on the website. They are not necessary for the operation of the website and do not store personal data of visitors. Example: remembering the user’s name each time the user accesses the site.
• Analytical Cookies: they are used to analyze the way users use the website and to monitor its performance, not collecting personal information. Example: determining which pages on the website are most popular.
• Third Party Cookies: these are configured on our website and belong to partner companies (eg Facebook or advertisers), with the aim of measuring the success of applications and the effectiveness of their advertising. Example: if you use a social network tool (eg: “Like” or “Share” from Facebook) on this website, this cookie will record the use of that tool and the social network (Facebook, in this case) may collect this information.
• Advertising Cookies: are used to target advertising according to the interests and activity of the user, helping to measure the effectiveness of advertising and to limit the number of times that each ad can be viewed by visitors. These do not allow the user to be identified.

How to control / block cookies

The visitor can, at any time, from his internet browser decide to be notified about the receipt of Cookies. You can also decide to block the entry of Cookies on your system, it is important to note that by blocking Cookies, you run the risk of the website not working properly. For more information on controlling, deleting and / or blocking cookies, you can consult your browser’s help or access the website.

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics also uses a cookie system that is responsible for analyzing data related to the use of websites by users / visitors. This data is stored by Google in the United States of America and may be passed on to third parties. The setting of cookies can be prevented by the data owner on our website, through an adjustment to the web browser used (as indicated above) and the cookies already used by Google Analytics can be deleted at any time through the web browser or other software programs. In addition, the data subject may object to the data collection generated by Google Analytics and its treatment by downloading and installing a browser add-on at . This add-on acts as an objection to Google using visitor data. If the holder’s information technology system is subsequently deleted, formatted or newly installed, he must again install the add-on so that his data is not analyzed by Google Analytics. If the add-on is disabled, it is also possible to perform a reactivation or reinstallation.