We have Events
Solutions in our
DNA and this is
the key to our


At Vanilla Balcony we develop ideas and produce unforgettable moments. We are an innovative, creative, and dynamic agency. We work side by side with our clients and ensure that every detail is considered in the development of each project, each step meticulously planned, and each task executed in an exemplary way. Vanilla Balcony emerged from the desire to add value to its customers in the most striking and significant moments of their lives. A brand that is based on the principles of quality, commitment, innovation, and dedication. We view any event as a unique challenge and a key moment. We work every day as one and reinvent our ideas to exceed our customers’ highest expectations. We expand the world of events with our unique mindset that is a benefit to our customers. What sets us apart is our proximity to customers, partners and suppliers, in addition to creativity and our commitment to quality.



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